Living without smart phone continued….

When I go away for a break or a holiday I now no longer have a phone camera. I’ve gone back to using my proper camera (Canon Sure Shot 11). Not only do I get pleasure from using it but when I get home there is the pleasure of taking pics off SD card and putting them in folders: something I never actually did with the phone pics.


No rush

I have found, after two weeks, that I can live without the smart. In particular, the curtailed ability to be impetuous has gone so I can’t just order something at any time of the day or night and get it by 10 am next morning. This is something of a relief.

Mind you, I can’t look up the train times or the next bus; or confirm how to get to my destination if I’m lost. But how often does this happen? Well not very often really. Not enough to worry.

I have discovered an app that will print my calendar; how extraordinary is that? I shall be going back to a Filofax at this rate. Except that I share my calendar with Vivienne and can’t afford not to continue doing that. But then I still have my iPad.

Last weekend while away I took my proper camera and took proper photos and put them into a 2016 folder. True I shared a few on Facebook, but why not. The key thing here was that I have kept them and feel that they are somehow treasured; this has never been my position with iPhone pictures. Phone pictures are too simple to take: which on one hand  is good; but in reality I have never treasured them. I certainly could never have caught a bird in flight.

My own little world

I’ve often stood on Belper railway station in the morning and wondered why the phone was more important than the bird song.

Yet this is not, surely, a new phenomenon: the city gent with head in the Times, both at the breakfast table and the 8.34, is an image often portrayed in TV shows of an earlier era. The ladies had no equivalent I guess; or were more gregarious in their shared times.

Maybe I’m happiest in my own little world and don’t need technical input; maybe I just like to hear the birdsong.


Arrrr, now, there’s a thing. How do I get my contacts off the Cloud and into my new ‘phone? Much advice but little of it helpful. Folks so often use the internet as a way of uploading innocent daftness.

Anyway, it transpires that the simple solution doesn’t work. Why? Because Apple and Google no speak. Using Chrome I could not save my cloud contacts: but, if I install Firefox I could.

A learning experience.

Daily Graund

I’ve not read the papers for some time now; but I have no smart phone in my brave new world. So, eating out I picked up the Daily Mail. I seemed to me that, apart from the warm hug that was the under-dog (Leicester) wining some major cup, it was a RantTabloid. (Rantoid sounds like a good word.) Angry middle England shouting at the next Class up. Not very enlightening: I imagine soaps to be like this.

Are we really to measure our being by our level of dis-approval?


Playing with new phone

Ah, there you have it. Playing with phone.

I like to be still, but the smartphone is too tempting. I am quite sure, even at my age, that I seek to be responded to. Has my latest facebook post got some likes yet? In part, I do like to post stuff that will raise a smile or a prayer, sure. But I get a buzz from likes. So I keep looking.

On this phone, once I have gone through the settings and tried all the ring tones (bird songs – nice) there is nothing else to do. So I have to put it down.

Oh, then I pick iPad up and write this. At least I have something to write about.

Did I mention: I am seeing if I can simplify my life.

Social experiment 

What happens when you remove the ‘smart’ from phone? I’m just about to find out. I still have my iPad at home and an android for ham radio stuff but I have chosen to simplify my life with a simple ‘phone.

The first problem seems to be obtaining my iCloud contacts as vCards. (Which interestingly and unhelpfully did auto correct to vCardImposter – or something).

Of course there is also the PAYG problem that I’m paying for data I shan’t use.

But then, what is an experiment for?