No rush

I have found, after two weeks, that I can live without the smart. In particular, the curtailed ability to be impetuous has gone so I can’t just order something at any time of the day or night and get it by 10 am next morning. This is something of a relief.

Mind you, I can’t look up the train times or the next bus; or confirm how to get to my destination if I’m lost. But how often does this happen? Well not very often really. Not enough to worry.

I have discovered an app that will print my calendar; how extraordinary is that? I shall be going back to a Filofax at this rate. Except that I share my calendar with Vivienne and can’t afford not to continue doing that. But then I still have my iPad.

Last weekend while away I took my proper camera and took proper photos and put them into a 2016 folder. True I shared a few on Facebook, but why not. The key thing here was that I have kept them and feel that they are somehow treasured; this has never been my position with iPhone pictures. Phone pictures are too simple to take: which on one hand  is good; but in reality I have never treasured them. I certainly could never have caught a bird in flight.


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