Daily Graund

I’ve not read the papers for some time now; but I have no smart phone in my brave new world. So, eating out I picked up the Daily Mail. I seemed to me that, apart from the warm hug that was the under-dog (Leicester) wining some major cup, it was a RantTabloid. (Rantoid sounds like a good word.) Angry middle England shouting at the next Class up. Not very enlightening: I imagine soaps to be like this.

Are we really to measure our being by our level of dis-approval?



Playing with new phone

Ah, there you have it. Playing with phone.

I like to be still, but the smartphone is too tempting. I am quite sure, even at my age, that I seek to be responded to. Has my latest facebook post got some likes yet? In part, I do like to post stuff that will raise a smile or a prayer, sure. But I get a buzz from likes. So I keep looking.

On this phone, once I have gone through the settings and tried all the ring tones (bird songs – nice) there is nothing else to do. So I have to put it down.

Oh, then I pick iPad up and write this. At least I have something to write about.

Did I mention: I am seeing if I can simplify my life.

Social experiment 

What happens when you remove the ‘smart’ from phone? I’m just about to find out. I still have my iPad at home and an android for ham radio stuff but I have chosen to simplify my life with a simple ‘phone.

The first problem seems to be obtaining my iCloud contacts as vCards. (Which interestingly and unhelpfully did auto correct to vCardImposter – or something).

Of course there is also the PAYG problem that I’m paying for data I shan’t use.

But then, what is an experiment for?

Which Gauge Communion are you?

My father built his steam locos to 4 3/4″ gauge (that’s him on the right and his railway on the left). My loco is 5″.

But it doesn’t stop at 1/4″. There is 3 1/2″; 7 1/4″; 7 1/2″ and these don’t begin to touch on the metric choices. It’s the same in the model railway scales: OO; HO; EM; P4 are all variants on accuracy lurking around rails 16mm apart. Why? or is it ‘Why not?’ Is it because engineers are involved and challenges raised? Is it because we are perverse, or is it because we strive for perfection – perceived or desired? Human nature?  Continue reading

The Journey

Why, when writing the About page, is it easier to describe what I do than to sketch what defines me?

To say “I am a Christian” seems very in–your–face and blunder-bussy: to me at least.

And the affirmation doesn’t begin to evince the breadth of implication. Rather, I feel, it can seem to be a closed — terminal even — accusation. ‘I’m this, get over it’, or ‘why aren’t you?’

So, I have been challenged by my own Blog to offer an open creed. Something that might attract questions; offers hope of resonance; may even be attractive.

It is on the About page and it may change during the journey.


imageI drew this in an Adobe app but subsequently found the product had been withdrawn; phut; a dead app. No possibility of upgrading or transferring to a new app. Fortunately I had saved all my work as jpegs but no chance of modification.

This is why I still buy CDs and books.

Here be dragons

Full(ish) Steam Ahead

So, reverser in full forward; drain-cocks open. Gently ease the regulator and close it again. And we start to move. Assailed with that somewhat exquisite aroma of burnt coal: like coal tar soap with added sulphur.

Now we need to get the radio in here somewhere. Next time maybe.